Episode 254 Andrea Vallely Co-Founder of Shift Happens Global Shares Expertise and Insight on The Power Within

Episode 254 Andrea Vallely Co-Founder of Shift Happens Global Shares Expertise and Insight on The Power Within

Make no mistake about it, after the pandemic was over, more and more people needed an outlet to recover, and that process continues to this day. Thanks to Andrea and Shift Happens Global, businesses and individuals have a source they can count on to help them move forward. 

Andrea's genesis comes from being raised by parents that showed he unconditional love and it is the foundation for her life to this day. Andrea is a certified hypnotist and is certified to conduct neurolinguistic programming. That's not all, Andrea and her co-founder also host retreats and personal coaching, in addition to empowering teens as well. 

Throughout this episode, Andrea shares expertise as to why, people should look inside themselves to find what they need the most, in other words everything we need resides on the inside of us, we simply have to center ourselves and find that quiet still voice within that is our genesis for finding our purpose. 

Change is constant and Andrea informs listeners that people want to see different things in their lives and there is a tendency to look for answers from external sources, and again if people want to find the answers to their questions, they must look within themselves. 

Ways that can help people include breathing, taking deep breaths and exhaling longer than breathing in through their nose. Other sources include meditation, journaling, self-reflection, mindfulness, and therapy. 

That is not all, Andrea's company provides a curriculum for students that consist of eight lessons that assist not only the students but also teachers, with issues such as how to overcome anxiety, peer pressure, depression and motivation.

Corporate wellness is also an offering provided by Shift Happens Global, in addition to team retreats and team dynamics. Andrea Vallely provided Wealth Academy Podcast listeners and viewers of the live stream with a powerful overview of helping people better understand the power within. Ensure you listen to, rate and review episode 254 on Apple Podcasts with Andrea Vallely, she transforms businesses and individuals to develop stronger communities.