Episode 260 - Best-Selling Author, Alana Sharps Shares High Conflict Divorce and Child Custody Consulting Expertise

Episode 260 - Best-Selling Author, Alana Sharps Shares High Conflict Divorce and Child Custody Consulting Expertise

Sometimes in life there are tough discussions about life that take place. Alana Sharps helps listeners better understand what it is like during a post separation involving marriage. Though this is a tough conversation for some people, it is necessary and there is no one better to explain this than Alana, enjoy this episode. 

Alana shares the backstory of her life as a child and being an only child she had a unique perspective of what life was all about and her parents and extended family assisted her along her journey. Alana shares how the life principles guided her and the importance of family.

During my research, I discovered that Alana earned an engineering degree, she shares what lead up to her becoming an engineer and her experiences as an intern at NASA Goddard. 

Throughout this interview. Alana shares how she helps women navigate the family court process, it isn’t something most people are familiar with, and it is something she educated herself about. Alana shares that during her post-separation experience, she had to go it alone and she shares her greatest challenges and what other women experience during this process.

Alana shares what she wants parents to consider about the impact separation has on children and why it is important for people to keep the children as priority one during this challenging phase of the process. Separation and divorce have an impact on children; thus, it must be adequately addressed to ensure the safety and mental health of children.

Alana shares what was the driving force for her to make the decision to become a high-conflict divorce and child custody consultant. Lean in to discover what it entails.

Was It My Fault? is the title of Alana's book, she shares the foundation for and the message of her #1 best-selling book? Links to purchase Alana's book is provided.

Alana participated in a rally at the North Carolina legislature which provided a platform to help people better understand family court reform. She is an advocate for women and children, and it is making a difference in the lives of her clients while strengthening families. 

She shared insight on her SurThrive Trine community, it is shifting the atmosphere of community members. What is great is the victories her clients receive, knowing they are able to navigate the family court process, all wins count in Alana's community.

Alana is a speaker, during the interview she share who her target audience is and what she provides them. She is an advocate that works with clients in the state of North Carolina and beyond. 

Last but not least, Alana provided inspiration to viewers and listeners as to how they can move forward during their post-separation journey. Alana's contact information is listed below.