Wealth Academy Podcast – Episode #63 – Money Coaching Session With Sylvia Vann

Wealth Academy Podcast – Episode #63 – Money Coaching Session With Sylvia Vann

Week two of Wealth Academy Podcast’s Enter To Win Money Coaching was a hit. Sylvia Vann was this week’s participant and she asked amazing questions that not only helped her but also listeners in the Wealth Academy Podcast community.

These Money Coaching sessions will be held every Tuesday for 52 weeks, this session is the second of its kind. Sylvia Vann’s questions is listed as follows:

  1. I know people are stressed out about COVID 19,what is the top reason people are stressed out at the start of the new year?
  2. Coach Paul how can people turn their finances around, what do you recommend they do?
  3. You’re a financial coach, what are some of the questions, you ask your clients to help them get clear about their finances?
  4. Paul I’ve heard people mention money mindset, why is it important to have a money mindset?

Tune in to listen to the responses Coach Paul provided  and it will assist you and those you care about navigate their finances today and throughout 2021. If you have questions contact Coach Paul at info@paulvannspeaks.com or call him at (800) 341-6719

Interested in registering to be a participant of the Enter To Win contest, register at this link http://www.wealthacademyprograms.com/enter-to-win

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