Wealth Academy Podcast – Episode #64 – The Impact On The Markets After The U.S. Capitol Was Breached

Wealth Academy Podcast – Episode #64 – The Impact On The Markets After The U.S. Capitol Was Breached

My condolences to the six people who lost their lives on January 6, it is a day that will live in infamy. Throughout this episode, Paul Lawrence Vann provides insight into how an event of the magnitude of the breach of the U.S. Capitol has a direct impact on the financial markets.

First of all, the financial markets don’t embrace volatility, and when it involves domestic terrorism it’s even worst. Investors shy away from controversy as well they should. Whether it’s members of a board of directors for a company or individual investors, a shift takes place when one views the incident that took place on Capitol Hill.

Perhaps resilience was in order for the markets on the evening of January 6th, recurrences won’t bode well for investors large or small. Note that during Wednesday’s trading session, markets were seemingly unaffected by the chaos in Washington caused by pro-Trump rioters at the U.S. Capitol because the markets were closing.

Lawmakers had just started the procedural process of counting the Electoral College votes and formally declaring President-elect Joe Biden the winner when protesters stormed the chamber. Tune in to listen to Paul Lawrence Vann, a former Capitol Hill Fellows who worked for a member of Congress synopsized the financial markets in the current environment of rioting.

There will be a follow-up episode that will take place during the week of President Biden’s inauguration. As it stands today, intelligence reports and security forces state another attack on the U.S. Capitol and Capitols of all 50 states is imminent. 

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