Wealth Academy Podcast – Episode #65 – Reset, Rethink, Repair Your Finances

Wealth Academy Podcast – Episode #65 – Reset, Rethink, Repair Your Finances

Paul Lawrence Vann provides an on-time episode for listeners as the new year unfolds. Just as the year 2020 was a completely unexpected turn of events, likewise for everyone’s finances. During this episode, Paul draws from an AARP article and he assesses what one must do when it comes to resetting, rethinking, and repairing your finances.

The focus is on now being the perfect time to assess your finances, take steps to reset your finances before the year gets underway and it also takes into account the upcoming tax season. A new administration is about to be installed for the next four years and it further supports a reset, rethinking, and repairing one’s much-needed finances.

Coach Paul also poses the question as to how do you know if you’re in serious financial trouble? When do you need to cut spending and when should you start? He also recommends setting up a monthly budget, look at short and long-run solutions for managing your finances. Consideration is also given to contacting organizations for free financial counseling. All in all, this is one good episode, one sure to assist listeners in getting a jumpstart on their finances in the early part of 2021.

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