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Wealth Academy Podcast host Paul Lawrence Vann asks listeners, “Who doesn’t want to be wealthy or at least financially secure”. He agrees with listeners that money is essential to being able to take care of one’s needs and wants however there are more important aspects of life that create and define wealth. The Wealth Academy Podcast mantra is Wealth Is More Than Just Money.

The Wealth Academy Podcast delves into a multitude of elements and components that constitute wealth and host Paul Lawrence Vann will provide solo broadcast and invite guest experts such as coaches, speakers, authors, financial experts, relationship experts, consultants and more to assist in listeners better understanding what true wealth consists of and it leads to a wealthy lifestyle. If one thinks all they need is money to be happy they will be sadly disappointed, subscribe, listen in, and discover what a wealthy life really consists of.

Paul Lawrence Vann


Paul has interviewed hundreds of business leaders, best-selling authors, actors, musical artists, relationship experts, and TV celebrities. As host of The Wealth Academy Podcast and an interviewer, Paul has interviewed Chris Gardner NY Times #1 Best Seller and movie fame, “The Pursuit of Happyness,” the role played by Will Smith, Berniece King, minister, and daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Alan Levy, media expert, co-founder and CEO of Blog Talk Radio, Celebrity Apprentice Randal Pinkett business consultant, and LaVonne “Lala” Idelette, 2012 Olympian, and generational wealth expert. and dozens of celebs and business leaders.

As an author, Paul’s book, Living on Higher Ground and Faith For Times Like Now continue inspiring reader and he’s a two-time #1 best selling international author. Paul is an international speaker and shares his Wealth Academy Podcast human potential and mind, body, spirit development message with organizations across the U.S. As Wealth Academy Podcast program development expert, Paul works directly with clients on understanding elements and concepts that assist them in understanding the show’s mantra, “Wealth Is More Than Money.” Once a listener works on themselves from within, they discover how to live a wealthy lifestyle that is even more impactful than money alone.