246 James Epps Jr Shares His Motivation Movement

246 James Epps Jr Shares His Motivation Movement

This retired Marine brought great energy and inspiration to this episode of Wealth Academy Podcast. 

Paul thanked James for duty to country and James shared two things the Marine taught him that is part of his core values.

James shared how he came over the rough side of the mountain of life and how listeners can do the same. He also shared the driving force in his life, so think about what it is for you and perhaps you can shift your way of thinking to live your best life. 

He leads James Epps Jr LLC, and he shares the mission of his company and who his ideal client and target market is.

James goes on to share how his Motivation Movement shapes the community and organizations he serves. 

Note that James is passionate about working with and speaking to students at colleges and universities, he shares a few topics he speaks on as well. James also provides talks to corporations; he is someone who can provide solutions to problems you may have at your organization.

In what was a dynamic and high energy interview, you can receive more insight about James Epps Jr and his Motivation Movement at: https://bit.ly/3DLMM3m

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jameseppsjr

Facebook: james.epps.79 

Instagram: je_motivation_movement