249 Priscilla Maria Shares Expertise On Trauma Recovery Coaching & The Cycle Breakers Club

249 Priscilla Maria Shares Expertise On Trauma Recovery Coaching & The Cycle Breakers Club

Priscilla Maria partners with organizations and clients to facilitate workshops, deliver keynote talks, and provide coaching about overcoming self-limiting beliefs and living intentionally. She shows up authentically as a sober Latina with diagnosed mental illness to exemplify that recovery and healing are possible.

Paul requested that Prisicilla discuss the one person in her life that inspired her to be the best she can be, she shared who it is and how she influenced her to be who she is today. Our dialogue also consisted of Priscilla writing a book in the future, a memoir, her family history and or a self-help book.

Priscilla shared the seminal moment in her life that resonated and transformed her into sharing her area of genius with organizations and individuals. For example, Priscilla co-hosts Tuesday meetings for the Sober Black Girls Club that serve queer BIPOC femmes in recovery. She also co-facilitated a domestic violence support group as a trained advocate at the Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility. Priscilla also curates' mental health and domestic violence awareness content for a family law firm as a creative and community outreach manager. 

One of the most fascinating aspects of Priscilla's expertise consist of options people can consider helping themselves better understand, is that it is alright to address mental challenges, trauma, and alcohol addiction. Listeners and viewers get to learn about Priscilla's Cycle Breakers Club LLC.

If you are looking for an amazing college and university speaker, I highly recommend Priscilla Maria, she can provide the kind of keynote addresses your students will appreciate.