Episode 255 Scott DeLuzio - The Nightmare of Becoming a Gold Star Brother

Episode 255 Scott DeLuzio - The Nightmare of Becoming a Gold Star Brother

Scott DeLuzio and his family did not deserve losing his brother and yet, today he is inspired by his brother who has gone on to the heavenlies while serving in the Army. Scott is an Army veteran and today he soldiers on advocating for members of his Gold Star families and the military community as a whole. 

Scott shared insight on his upbringing and his decision to join the Army and we all salute him for making sacrifices on behalf of a grateful nation. Scott is a good man, loving husband and a great dad to his children. We discussed why the enrollment numbers are down for all branches of the military and why it is important to serve our country. Scott provided a few reasons why youth between the ages of 18-24 should consider serving in the military.

The most compelling part of the interview consisted of Scott providing the backstory of his brother and why he decided to serve in the U.S. military. Scott is a Gold Star bother a title no one wants; however, he represents his family with distinction and carries on with great character. 

Scott is an Afghanistan veteran, and he is the author of the book, Surviving Son. He provides a synopsis of his book and the inspiration he has for writing his remarkable book and how it is changing the lives of the readers. Scott also hosts, the Drive On Podcast and he shares a powerful message with his subscribers, listeners, and viewers as well. 

Helping people cope with loss starts at home and Scott shares how his advocacy helps him continue moving forward in life, making a difference. Tune in and to listen to this episode wherever you get your podcast and rate and review this episode on Apple Podcasts and the Wealth Academy Podcast website.